Thursday, June 15, 2006

the best burger in the universe

yes. i have found it. the location is pictured at right. actually the picture is from the drive thru in the back, but you get the idea.

i was pretty sure i found it a while back, but had to confirm after multiple visitory taste testings. the location is known as "Billy Bob's Hamburgers" and is located in Hondo, TX. go ahead and comment with your "In-N-Out" Animal-Style burger, your Fuddrucker's A-1 burger, your metrosexual Kobe Beef burger, or your Cheeseburger in Paradise, but i am telling you, this is the best burger out there. i have had all of the aforementioned, and the actual Billy Bob makes a better burger.

here is me eating the burger. the burger is called "The 3-Alarm Burger." it is made with soft tasty bun, two beef patties, multiple slices of cheese, sliced fresh green chiles, tabasco, a little onion, lettuce, tomato, mayo, ketchup, mustard, and two or three pickles. it is so delectable, words do not describe. my wife and i go to Billy Bob's for burgers when we go out to the annual family trip to the river in the Texas Hill Country, and this burger is so bueno that we stop pretty much ever time we drive by the place. which is once or twice a year, but each time is just as delicious as the first.


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