Thursday, June 08, 2006

miami heat nba champs?

not a chance. in fact, i predict that the Mavs will sweep the Heat. yes, you heard it here first. lets go down some factoids for support.

1. miami has no one player that can guard the mop haired German destruction artist
2. shaq is old and tired (i love shaq, but lets face facts here)
3. dwyane wade is somewhat hurt and has had flu-like symptoms recently. plus, he doesnt know how to spell his first name correctly.
4. dallas shoots approx 14% better from the free throw line. this is a big deal.
5. dallas plays defense. the only player on the heat that plays D is Alonzo Mourning
6. avery johnson could take pat riley in a battle to the death
7. keith van horn has unparalleled rebounding technique

sure, i am a dallas homer. the only reason this wont be a sweep is if the officials are told to call a bunch of fouls on Mavericks players to get Dampier/Diop/Van Horn so Shaq can dominate and thus extend the series for ratings. go Mavs. win a title for all of your metrosexual fans.


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