Wednesday, May 17, 2006

guest blog by reader "Ben"

7:30pm May15th, 2006
Hilton Hotel New Orleans, LA.

"Ben" enters hotel and walks to the desk to check in.

At the end of the check-in process an athletic looking male in "work-out" clothes interrupts the cute check-in lady and asks "do you have a hot tub".

She says yes it is outside by the pool.

He says thanks and leaves.

"Ben" finishes the check in and walks to the elevator and joins the "hot tubber" on the elevator.

Being the funny person that "Ben" is he says; "I heard you ask her where the hot tub is, but you forgot to tell her what time to meet you there."

After which "Ben" laughs while the "hot tubber" chuckles uncomfortable and says, "nah man, I'm too tired for all that, I gotta go relax"

"Ben" then says with genuine curiosity, "why are you so tired?"

The "tubber" responds, "mini-camp man"

"Ben" quips, "Oh, for what?"

The "tubber" astonished I did not know, "The Saints man"

"Ben" "oh, cool, you guys had a good draft this year" exits elevator. Wondering to himself if he will ever see this young man playing for the Saints....

Upon photo identification the hot tubber was confirmed as Reggie Bush.



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