Wednesday, March 15, 2006

You Do It To Yourself

I hate to post just after a quality Mike post, but I haven't written in a little while and this is actually something cool I ran across.

There is a collection of bands doing covers of Radiohead songs for a Radiohead tribute. Now, it is well-documented that Radiohead may be the best-loved band between mikeandtim- so any attempt to cover their songs must be thoroughly scrutinized.

I have hope though. I thought this cover was pretty cool, and I really thought the video was cool- so here is the link to it- this one is the high quality, so you mikeandtim readers using dial-up may want to check it out on low-fi. For more information, a low-fi link, and a tracklisting please check out

Also- we are still welcoming suggestions for features. GSS (Gender Speculation Symposium) has made the cut, and we will be featuring a store of stick figure art and the Saga of Nemesis #2. Happy Birthday to my sister by the way- Katie is 24 today. Drop her a line if you'd like:


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