Monday, March 13, 2006

The Saga of Nemesis # 2 Ends?


the ever treacherous nemesis # 2 (pictured at left) was captured this morning in the "hav-a-heart" live animal trap. i noticed thru the backyard fence that the trap door had closed, but this sometimes happens due to heavy rain and/or winds. i had set the trap up inside my fence, so that the opening to the trap was pushed up against the one spot of my fence that has a hole in the bottom. the bunny used to come in the backyard thru that hole in the fence all the time, but has since wisened up due to my other non-violent bunny removal tactics. the trap was setup in a way that if the little bastard came in the backyard thru that hole in the fence, it would instantly be in the trap and would get closed in. i had put grass and mulch inside on the bottom of the trap so it was more like the ground instead of the metal cage, and it proved successful.

i cannot tell you how excited i was at 7am this morning when i saw him in there. i immediately got down close to the cage and started taunting the little guy. actually he is quite the large rabbit, probably due to all the munch festivals he had in my front and back yards for the last 9 months. but i got you now! my camera is broken, so i took a picture of his bitch ass in the trap with my cell phone. i will make my best effort to find a way to get it uploaded to the site.

i considered torturing him, but he looked so incredibly frightened while i evil-laughed in his face while he was still in the cage that i decided i should release him before i went to work. so i drove a couple miles away to a nice looking park with plenty of fresh grass for him to eat, and set him free. i have never seen him run as fast as he did when i opened the trap door. never. not in all the times i have chased him out of my yard/down the street.

good riddance to you and yours nemesis # 2. good riddance.


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