Thursday, March 09, 2006

premature coffee burglar

we all know this wildman. look at his face. that is the face of unwaivering greed and determination to get his coffee before all others get theirs. i can give the premature coffee burglar some slack if he/she chooses to break coffee production cycle at any point after halfway, but this morning's PCB took the thievery to a new level. here is how it went...

i sit close enough to the front door that i can know who comes in when and what activities they may or may not partake in before going to their designated workspace. i was pretty early today so i actually made both pots of coffee this morning. today's PCB walked right in the front door, immediately to coffee bar (which is between front door and my desk) and poured himself a cup of coffee. i was a little surprised to hear the pot rattling noise identifying someone removing pot and pouring coffee, since i had just sat down maybe 2 min before from starting the brew. he then walks right by me and immediately to the water cooler, dilutes his espresso-like potent coffee with hot water and goes upstairs to his desk.

i checked out the coffee pot immediately. a few drops that were just perkalated into the pot were visible, but other than that there was nothing. the PCB poured the entirety of the just made coffee, which was less than a cup, into his cup and then had to ADD HOT WATER to get to full cup level. this is a disgrace. anyone who drinks coffee knows that the early coffee drippings are the most potent because its the first water to make its way thru the grounds. the PCB has changed the potency of the first pot of coffee immeasurably and should be suspended from coffee for the rest of the week.


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