Thursday, March 02, 2006

Math and Mardi Gras Crime

andTim reporting from New Orleans....

I have been hearing on the news all day (as I was in the car for 90% of the day) that Mardi Gras arrests were significantly less this year than last, which apparently should give people hope or something. Of course then they followed with the stat that approximately 300-350,000 people attended this year, down from around 1 million last year.


Simple math from andTim:

2005- 1574 arrests
2006- 632 arrests

2005- 1,000,000 attendees
2006- 350,000 attendees

2005- 1 arrest per every 635 people
2006- 1 arrest per every 582 people

The arrest rate actually increased around 13%! And that's assuming conservative figures! Unreal...So the number of crimes was low, but the crime rate was not. More math to come in future blogs....


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