Wednesday, January 18, 2006

whats wrong with the Colts?

i cant figure out why this team cant get to the super bowl.

they have arguably the best defense in the AFC
the only two defenses in the league that allowed less points per game were Chicago and Carolina
they most certainly have the best offense in the entire league
they have the best quarterback
they have a top 5 RB, some would argue top 3 or even better
they probably have the best wide receiver troika in the league
they have a great coach
they probably have the best overall offensive/defensive line combo
they have the most accurate kicker in NFL history
they have playoff experience
they had home field advantage
they went 14-2 in the regular season

how has this team not made it to the super bowl yet?

perhaps peyton just needs to step up under center and stop conducting an audible symphony?
or perhaps they need to get rid of that unlucky horseshoe on their helmet?
you decide.


At 1/05/2009 06:55:00 AM, Anonymous Saurabh said...

There are many reasons
1. Run defense sucks - Colts cannot stop run on a continuous basis PERIOD
2. Ability to tackle and give yards after tackle sucks. I saw almost everyone in the Colts' defensive line (including Sanders) miss tackles, bounce off a tackle and not wrap players in the game against the Chargers.
3. NO running game. Addai jumps, dances and moves laterally more than he moves, runs down the field. With the amount of time he gives the defense in selecting a hole to run into I am not surprised that every team is able to stop and shut-out Colts' running game.
4. I just don't think that the Colts' offensive line is built around creating opportunities for the running game.
5. Offense is too predictable. With no running game, everyone knows that the majority of the plays will be passing or play-action. Either way, the safety, corners and secondary on the other team is always ready. There is just no element of surprise, a lack of balance.


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