Tuesday, January 03, 2006

oldtimers with the blue tooth

evidently this year's Christmas gift for the baby boomer was the hands-free bluetooth cell phone contraption pictured at right. i have a few theories on why this gift is so desirable for the oldtimer as noted below:

a. cell phone is way too complicated and scary, this thing only has one button and simplifies the process.
b. better get one now, because if you wait any longer your ears will get even bigger and then you wont be able to get the thing on
c. oldtimers mistake this for a personal P.A. system. they dont understand that you must use in conjunction with a cell phone, rather, they think it allows them to hear other people better and when they talk into the microphone, their voice is amplified out of phantom speakers that follow them around
d. "i have always wanted to be an air traffic controller, this is my chance to fulfill that dream."

i am pretty sure there are at least a half dozen people over the age of 45 at my office that received these things on Christmas morning and still have yet to take them off. the last guy that wore one and was over at my desk talking to me even turned his head when i was talking to him so that he could hear me better using his unobstructed ear. i am slightly repelled by this device, although it is a great invention for those who must talk on the phone while driving. my core being is disgusted with those who favor turning humans into robots. there he goes again, another bluetooth wearing baby boomer just walked by my workspace.

oh, on a side note, i am rather excited about the potential being realized in the justinille/camstine weblog which has commenced. it is guaranteed that there will be some filthy goodness that comes out of those two. check theirs out when you have a free minute.


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