Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Metro and General Male Attire

I hate being considered metrosexual.


Because I am heterosexual, and the label "metrosexual" has an inherent sexual preference ambiguity to it that I don't like.

I shower. I shave. I keep my nosehairs at a respectable length. My hair generally gets washed and brushed. I wear deoderant. Sometimes I wear cologne.


I buy most of my clothes from the Gap. Why? They sell simple clothing that tends to be somewhat stylish without too much risk. What is the risk? That I will buy clothing that will be out of style in 5 days, and given my financial situation, I like when my clothing might even last (gasp) more than 1 year.

I wear three different pairs of shoes to work. Brown ones, black ones, and cowboy boots on occasion. Most of my clothes fit my body. Not too tight, not too lose. They fit.


I drive a Mazda Protege. It is a small import sedan. It could be considered somewhat metro- but this was my decision process in buying the car... Does it get good gas mileage? Yes. Does the roof leak? No. (previous car had leaking roof.. sucked.) Does it have power windows? Yes. Does it seat 4 people? Yes. Is it relatively inexpensive? Yes.


I shave my face. I try to keep my chest hair inside the shirt. I maintain two eyebrows. That's it. No manicure. No waxing. No tanning. No facials. None of that metro crap.

So should I be labeled with this terrible label? No! I do not drink metropolitans, I don't even drink martinis. I drink beer or whiskey. I sweat alot when I workout and I enjoy it. I like sports. I like rock music. I dance well, but I am just gifted in the athletic arts.

In short- metro does not have to apply to everyone who keeps themselves clean and wears decent clothing. There are those leg shaving, chest shaving, eyebrow waxing, audi driving, pink shirt wearing losers of the world and they... they must be called.. The Metrosexual.


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