Wednesday, January 04, 2006

the bumper sticker

i am anti-bumper sticker. i think they look terrible, plus i am not sure i have ever seen one that i felt so strongly about that i would place on my vehicle. i have the obligatory Texas A&M alumni sticker on my truck right now, but to be honest, i may remove it soon. since i have a 45min commute to work, i get to see all kinds of interesting bumper stickers. i just decided to make it a new years resolution to pay more attention to the stickers/opinions people feel so strongly about that they must broadcast it in the most public way possible (for most people), on the car.

here are a few i have seen this week:

"Love my country, Hate my Government" (late 80's oldsmobile sedan)
--not sure if this is possible. i think it would be more fitting to say "i hate republicans".

"Save a horse, Ride a cowboy" (brand new red dodge dually pickup)
--the disgusting part about this bumper sticker was that it was in rainbow colors, with rainbow colored cowboy silhouettes on each side of the words. as i passed this big dodge dually truck, there were two dudes in there, and both had mustaches. it was as if i drove by the actual brokeback mountain. i find this bumper sticker offensive. if you are gay, dont be openly disgusting by putting a sticker that promotes perverse sexual activies for everyone to see, including children.

"My border collie is smarter than your honor student" (ford ranger circa 1991)
--well, first off, i havent seen an honor student sticker in about 10 years. i would also like to point out that if you actually think your dog is smarter than someone's kid, you are dumber than both the dog and the kid. clearly the person who puts this sticker on their car does not have a child, or their child is what teachers like to call "low". so the sticker is purchased and placed out of bitterness? how mature.

"Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer" (F-250)
--huh? are you serious? what you really are is a certified dork. what is the purpose of putting this sticker on one's truck. maybe if they are at a gas station, and i am having problems with my laptop, i can hire him for $90/hr to run a system restore. no thanks.

"Don't blame me, I voted for Gore" (1980's volvo)
--oh ok. so since you voted for Gore, you point the finger anytime anything bad happens and act like if Gore were the president, everything would go 100% perfectly and great. shut up and try and support what we have, or leave the country. or how about this, when next election time comes around, vote again. Al Gore lost, remove the sticker.


At 1/04/2006 12:27:00 PM, Blogger Curt Awakening said...

Obligatory....FIRST FLIPPIN: Post!!

Random sig'line, I foundn at some social networking site..

"...a lass alarkened to the lures of mice then men,
in the blind-yearning hope she could find something of excellence hidden amidst the excrement..."


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