Monday, January 09, 2006

response/guest entry (windy)

i think we more than owe our readers an occasional guest blog/good feedback post for those who email comments instead of leaving them. i just checked the mikeandtim email ( for the first time since october and there were almost 40 emails, so i promise to check it with more consistency. thanks to windy for her email in regards to andTim's infamous "The POSAS" blog (Nov 14). here it is for you to read...

Since I don't wish to sign up for a blog, I decided to email my comment to"The POSAS" post. Feel free to post it online if you wish.

You are absolutely right. It is stupid to give a number without thewillingness of further contact. It is easier to say no right away becauseto prolong is more painful. I must say it's a hard thing to learn, but inmy 26 years I have learned it. So I would think someone who is 27 wouldknow. Having said this, let me tell you about my situation where a guybehaved the same way.
Only 6 days before your circumstance happened, I was at a country dance hallin Fort Worth. Enjoying the house band very much, I wandered up to thestage, where this guy, Rob, began talking to me. After the usual happeningswent down, he asked for my number. I gave it. Then he left. I feltcomfortable with this since the stereotypical end to such an eveninginvolves either or both parties wanting to "leave" together.

So, I was excited the next day when he called. It was perfect timingconsidering I was stranded in Ft. Worth without my NASCAR ticket or a hotelkey. So, we went to an early dinner and had excellent conversation.

As we are leaving the restaurant about 6 pm, he asks what I'm doing laterthat night. I told him nothing. He said he had plans to meet with a fewfriends but didn't really want to go. He said he would call in a few hoursso we could hang out again. I said okay.
I haven't heard from him since. At about 9:30 pm I sent a text, butreceived no response.
Maybe it was because we live 2 hours from each other.Maybe it was because I talked about my faith at dinner.Maybe his friends kidnapped him.

But why say, AFTER knowing these things about me, that he would call melater? Why act like he didn't really want to go? Does the "they always saythey'll call and never do" belief hold true?
Make of this story what you will, but I think POSASes exist in both genders.



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