Wednesday, January 25, 2006

step inside the secret newsroom

friends (or "amigos" para tu/su/usted quien hablan espanol)

we have received many a complaint about the fact that one must log in to blogger and create a blog or create a site or enter all kinds of personal info, etc etc to post a comment. it is evident that the thousands (perhaps tens of thousands) of readers that currently visit mikeandtim on a weekly basis are rather frustrated that their opinions cannot be easily made known by comment. in fact, we are nearing capacity in the gmail account due to the flood of emails that we cannot contain nor keep up with.

henceforth, we have commenced the brainstorming sessions and blueprinting of the new and improved mikeandtim site. there will be one, and since we owe a shoutout for providing us with mad-like levels of success, i give it now (gracias el senor blogger para sus supporto buenos.)

many ideas are floating around in our discussion sessions and more often than not, the strategery involved in the new mikeandtim will be rather unparalleled, in a global sense. we have a committee working long hours to make sure the revamped site destroys all others. please know that you are the ones who have made mikeandtim what it is today, and we plan on designing the site around such, so that your views/thoughts/ridicule/folklore is accounted for and often featured.

now Dr. Swiss of Limberger, please go back to your pedicure. congrats on your promotion as well. oh, and if anyone is in need of a new Toyota automobile of any kind (purchase or lease, car, truck or SUV), please email and put "Dr. Swiss of Limberger" in the subject, and include your email andslashor other contact info and we will get you set up with Dr. Swiss and he will give you the mikeandtim discount. not a joke, there could be savings to be had.


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