Thursday, January 19, 2006

President York: State Of The Union

My fellow Americans: 2006 brings us into another year of prosperity, freedom, and opportunity. As I have never addressed the nation at large, I must forewarn you that some of the ideas, topics, philosophies, and recommendations that I am about to discuss will likely create a certain level of conflict among you and perhaps, within you. Any words that merit being spoken to the masses are divisive and difficult to hear, but the intent and motive of my words are not to divide... but to unite for the purpose of mutual advancement.

We have long enjoyed the spoils of the labour of those that came before us. We are not a country without economic, legal, or political struggle, but for the most part we are the most materially blessed people that have ever walked the face of Earth. The freedoms that those who came before us perished to create are today used in a fashion so as to make the Olympic Gods blush in envy. This is a moment in which every American should look at themselves and remember the amazing opportunity inherent to their lives simply for being a citizen of this nation.

But our position is not one from which we are invulnerable to being displaced. Some will say we have begun a decline as a nation, some may say that those who say such are ignorant to true progress. And still others argue that looking at us as a nation in decline is at the least a broad euphemism. I must say that I fall into the last group. Let me preface this by saying we are a nation based on heroism and heroic efforts. We can look upon wars from our own Revolution up until the modern War on Terror and for the most part stand with pride at our efforts toward advancing freedom, equality, justice, and democracy throughout our own nation and the world. If there is a better standard by which to justify heroism, I only hope that I live long enough to witness it- and that it also comes from one of my countrymen.

We have grown obese as a nation. We have gone beyond our borders many times in our nation's history.. mainly to advance noble and just causes for oppressed and victimized brothers and sisters the world over. But we have lost our sense of self amidst our missions of goodwill. This presidency would first and foremost seek to curtail as much involvement in international conflicts as possible. This policy should not create a doctrine that could potentially compromise the freedom and safety of American lives, but it is an effort to get us to look at ourselves as an internally troubled nation.

A nation must have a moral code upon which to base it's laws. Anarchy is a wholly unacceptable and unsuccessful means to provide an environment suitable to the growth and protection of the human race. Anarchy is the inevitable outcome of an immoral and undisciplined people, and as much as it may seem a shock to many of you.. I believe that the mindset of our nation has become poisoned with the seeds of ultra-liberalism. Liberal thinking is a great thing, perhaps the ultimate celebration of a human mind given freedom to contemplate and create without boundaries. But ultra-liberal thinking leads us to a place of no definitions, no boundary lines, no up and down, no male or female, no good and no bad, no right and no wrong.

We must reclaim the standard that was set-up by which to create and enforce the laws of our nation. This standard must be the air in our lungs, the food which we eat, and the blood that flows through the body of a healthy and aware nation. It is my hope that all Americans would join me in seeking to follow more closely the greatest principles of the Judeo-Christian moral code. That we would not fear discipline as a restriction to freedom, but embrace discipline as the standard which compels us to seek to maintain our freedom. Without discipline we are just mindless entities who roam the landscape of the world seeking out our own pleasure without consideration for our fellow man. We have no fear for the fact that we are finite, fallible beings, that must continually seek to be in service to one another if we are to succeed as a race of beings in any way. More later.. the president has to work....


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