Monday, January 23, 2006

Gender Speculation Symposium - Big Bird

lets face facts: i am really excited about a few of the upcoming creations that mikeandtim have developed in recent times. one of them is what we like to call "Gender Speculation Symposium" or GSS for short. since speculation and criticism are what mikeandtim specialize in, it seems to fit it quite well with the other nuggets of wisdomness that we have contrived in the past. we hope to add more organization by perhaps answering a short list of predetermined categories to add structure to the GSS in the future, but for now it will be more of a compare/contrast. so, please tell us what you think about the GSS and of course, your suspected gender of the internationally famous Big Bird.

i happen to believe that Big Bird is a man. this may be a bit of a surprise as at first glance Big Bird may give more impression of being female, based on voice pitch and looks. however, when one delves deeper into the personality and nuances of this very complex bird, one finds reason to believe it is male. granted, big bird is not the most masculine of male birds. he has a relatively high voice and a female looking hairdo, but he takes pictures like a dude. notice the awkwardness in the picture above. most males are awkward and goofy in pics and dont know where to put their other hand. also, the arm around the woman in the picture cannot be entirely seen, which would perhaps indicate that it is moving down to the lower back/butt region for a brushing/touching. Big Bird has also been known to frequent sports bars, have a preference for microbrewed beers, and be one hell of a foosball player. given all of these evidential factoids* one would only be able to conclude that the actual Big Bird is in fact male.

*denotes could be fact, but could just as easily be fiction


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