Thursday, January 26, 2006

The American Car Industry

I'll try to keep this brief. (Ha.)

Ford recently announced plans to lay-off a significant portion of its' workforce. This is sad, as largely undeserving people are going to soon be unemployed. Here are some reasons why:

1- Unions

American autoworkers are paid ridiculous amounts of money compared to a person of similar position overseas. This is due to unions who ask for every conceivable benefit to be provided to your average worker. Unfortunately, the entire premise of unions flies in the face of free-market economic theory. What do you get? Manufacturing shipped overseas. (See previous blogs regarding this topic)

2- Design

Have you seen an attractive CAR made by GM other than the Corvette? The answer is no, because their isn't one. Ford recently put alot of time and development into their Five Hundred model. It is available with a MAXIMUM of 203 hp. That is retarded. I can now get a Civic with that much power. I can also get a Nissan Altima with 250 hp. WAKE UP. The plastic bodywork and crappy instrument panels on a Pontiac Grand Am vs Honda Accord? Give me a break.

3- Quality

While this has improved, and is largely reflective of the driver involved, (My dad once drove a Ford Aerostar van 120,000 miles ON THE ORIGINAL TIRES. Amazing.) their is not a person out there who would pit an American car against a Japanese or German car in an endurance or quality competition. Think about this: Popular car racing in this country: NASCAR. Popular car racing elsewhere: Rally Car and Formula One. That right there should tell you that we have a problem. The fact that our primary racing league is set up for cars to go 200 mph in a straight line and then repeatedly turns left is a good reflection of the state of our engineering and mentality when it comes to the car.

4-Foreign Cars built in America

Many Hondas, Toyotas, and Nissans are built IN THE US. They have beaten us at our own game. Ford is announcing cuts in labor force in America, while Toyota continues to grow. That's why Dr. Swiss of Limberger makes approximately $2200 a minute. Keep it up Doctor.


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