Wednesday, October 12, 2005

nemesis # 2

i hate the bunny rabbit. sure, they are cute and are super-duper around easter time, but right now i hate them. they are evil. these little bastards currently take refuge in the bushes in my front yard and at night they come out and munch on the new grass that i am trying to grow. this enemy in combination with my nemesis #1, the sprinkler, are quite a strong duo of punishment. first, i chase off bunny rabbit, then i position sprinkler/soak myself, then bunny rabbit returns and i must chase again, often thru the sprinkler. no bueno. i have been researching on how to rid the bunny and will most likely buy a wooden owl and sprinkle tabasco all over my yard to deter. i will keep you posted on what does and does not work, and if i cannot find anything that does work, i may have to go buy a pellet gun.


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