Thursday, August 11, 2005


i have just made a goal for myself of writing a book and being finished with at least the rough draft in the next year. i really have always wanted to write one, although i do not feel that i have anything more to add to the great heap of read/unread literature out there already. but why not, lets write one. i mean, no one will notice another book on the shelves so i may as well get one up there with my name on it. or maybe a pen name. hmmm...

some possible pen names...

yanni wombattus
maggie mackenzie
trevor burrito
general sterling price
unka'alah mu'a'lala' [click, clock, cheep*] haaanusabba

please choose one for me.


* please make weird pygmy clickity cheeps with mouth during this portion of the last name


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