Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Grand Theft Auto/Personal Responsibility

On the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, there is apparently a way to download a hack into the programming of the game to allow players to access a sexually-explicit visit to a "girlfriend's" house. Hilary Clinton and others have jumped on the bandwagon to change the games' rating from Mature to Adult, however there is one big issue at hand here that is not being discussed: personal choice and responsibility. The main worry is that kids will download the hack and be able to have access to the hidden aspect of the game. Here are some simple solutions to the problem: 1) Parents- don't buy your kids the game. Or don't allow them access to the internet sites that allow downloading of the hack. If you catch your kid doing one or the other take the game or the entire XBox/Playstation away from them. This is not difficult. 2) See number 1. We don't need the government to mandate these protections, we need people to take responsibility for their own kids. If you can't do this as a parent, DON'T HAVE CHILDREN.


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