Friday, July 22, 2005

shall we dansu?

my wife and i have blockbooster online so we have been watching a lot of movies recently. of course every so often i get goated into watching a few estrogen-friendly movies. every so often one will surprise me, like The Notebook, i thought that was a good movie. however, we saw one last night that made the cup of suck runneth over. while my wife and i were watching Shall We Dance, the movie was so familiar i thought i had actually seen it before. i bet half a dozen times i asked her "are you sure we havent seen this already??" i felt like i was taking crazy pills. this is a terrible movie by the way. if you can distinguish the difference between good movies and bad movies, dont waste your time with this one. if you are entertained by 2 hours of ballroom dancing and bad acting, you might like it.

about an hour into the movie i was thinking about where i could have possibly seen it before, as it hasnt been on video for long, and came up with nothing. then it hit me. i think i saw this movie in japanese once, but with all japanese actors and in the japanese language. but, i remember the dude that wore a wig and sequines and had it ripped off him at some point. i couldnt figure it out. my plan was to wait till the end and check the credits to see if it was based on a story or something. sure enough, it was based on a story by a japanese writer. i was so relieved, i had seen it before, and the japanese version was so much better. i took 3 years of japanese language in high school and 4 years in college, and in class one day we watched the movie. the japanese version (Shall We Dansu?) won best picture in 1996 in japan, and i will say was a million times better than watching richard gere prance around like a fairy through the forest of gay.

oh, and today is "Pi Day". i figure i should tell andTim since he knows pi to about 25 decimal places. i use Wikipedia as my default internet home page and there was a link on it this morning to Pi Day. here it is.

beware, if you read this entry on Pi Day you will increase your dork quotient by at least 30%.


song of the day: havana daydreamin [j. buffett]


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