Wednesday, July 20, 2005


well, i got rear-ended today on my way to work. no bueno. not much damage though, although i will have the car thoroughly checked out just in case. there is a lot of traffic on I-35, and i was stopped on the freeway, as was Fransesco in the ford ranger behind me, but the woman behind him in her land rover just looked down and ended up hitting Fransesco, who then hit me. a little bumper car action, it happens. everyone was ok, so thats good. i was talking to the cop that wrote up the report and he said it happens every day because people look over at the cops sitting there patrolling the HOV lane. or at least he said that is the most common reason for these wrecks.

went to a minor league baseball game last night. good stuff. i still aspire to work on my game for two years and go play single A baseball. i think i could do it. of course i think i could write a book, teach a college class on philosophy, travel to all seven continents, and join the golf tour, but i have come to terms that most of those will never happen. a wise man once said, "if you chase two rabbits, one will escape." knock something off your aspirations list today, it is actual kind of liberating. something that isnt realistic at all. like mastering impressionistic art. not gonna happen bud, scratch it off the list.


song of the day: thats me trying [william shatner]
song is a little weird, but so weirdly honest it is interesting and good


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