Monday, May 16, 2005


i am pretty certain that there are very few things that are more uncomfortable than being pulled into conversation with another man while at the urinal. in fact, i bet you couldn't name three things (that could actually happen) that are more uneasy. can you? hmm...walking in on your parents having sex. that's one for sure. what about being out with one girl and running into another girl you are dating at the same time? that's pretty awkward.

the point is that it is quite awkward. so the only way to step up to the plate on this is to fully embrace or to reject completely. to embrace, you must respond to the proactive Urinal Talker (UT) with a higher level of fervor by asking lots of personal questions so the UT is thrown off guard, becomes uncomfortable himself, and ends discussions.

the other option, full reject mode, can be executed in a few different ways, none of which are polite. you could (1) totally ignore and not respond at all (2) ignore, turn head other way, and whistle a 1980's power ballad, or (3) say "shut your face, can't you see i am tryin to pee here!"

alright, i am tired now. i took 2 benadryl and am going to crawl under my cubicle desk and take a napster.



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