Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Kelly Osbourne and Vocal Overdrive

Ever read Dante's Inferno? I believe there is a special level of hell for most pop musicians. Especially those who are manufactured. Kelly Osbourne- you will burn. That's all I have to say about that.

When playing "Karma Police" last night in an impromptu open-mic setting, I realized that there are many chords in the song. Am, F#/Am, Em, G.. Am, F, Em, G.... Am, D, G, Em, Am, Bm, D.. and that's just the verse. The chorus is pretty easy... C,D,G... but then the alcohol took over. What is the mysterious fourth chord? Bflat? Nope. F? No, moron. C? Why would you go back to C? Of course it's F#, however, I didn't remember that until the 3rd "..This is what you'll get...", which of course doesn't go to F#, it goes, Bm-D, then back to the verse! Fortunately, after years of being a half-talent at the guitar and being around those who rarely prepare at all for Young Life.. I have a built-in Pavlovian response to playing the wrong chord... Vocal Overdrive. Vocal Overdrive is when the guitar player's strumming turns tentative, (especially in the case of not remembering a chord) and the guitar player's voice instantly doubles in intensity and style while increasing around 30% in volume. Vocal Overdrive.. look for it at your next open-mic occasion.


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