Monday, May 02, 2005

rolling stone music review

i subscribe to Rolling Stone. it is a decent publication, has reviews on new music, stories on musicians, etc etc. really just to pinch andTim's cheeks aggressively, i would like to point out that in one of the April issues of Rolling Stone there was something interesting. they do music reviews based on a 5 star scale. 5 stars means the album is an instant classic, 1 star means you have the talent of a deaf three-legged donkey playing the french horn.

recently, there have been reviews on two albums that i would like to point out. christopher o'riley, one of andTim's most favorite current musicians, covers radiohead songs but plays them on piano. andTim claims this is great music, however, Rolling Stone differs. Rolling Stone gave his album an emaciated 2 stars.

in contrast, one of the musical greats of our time received 3 stars for her album, making it quite a bit better in the opinion of Rolling Stone than O'Riley. who is this musical great you ask? why, none other than kelly osbourne.



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