Friday, May 13, 2005

tiger boofs

i have a ticket to the byron nelson golf tourney on saturday in dallas, and of course, the one tournament i have ever gone to in which tiger woods has entered, he has missed the cut. damn.

this week has been a slow one at work. not really sure why, but it has. today is day 17 in a row (except sundays) that i have done 100 pushups each morning. i am trying my best to look like the governor of Kah-lee-phor-nee-ya before the summertime. and yes, it is indeed working. my pecs have grown approximately 1/75th of an inch. and by now you have called my bluff because i cannot measure my own pecs with such accuracy. pecs. i will practice all weekend on making them jiggle to the rhythm of assorted gangsta rap songs.



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