Monday, May 15, 2006

how great (or terrible) is America?

it kinda depends on who you ask is suppose. take for example...

case one:
the ultra-liberal President Bush hater. not happy about the new border containment proposal with the use of the National Guard. not happy about there only being a few states where homosexual marriages are recognized. not happy about the defense spending. really not happy about the war in Iraq. not happy about the environmental stance of the current administration. basically doesnt support anything that is currently going on in this country unless it directly opposes George Bush.

case two:
the 45 year old mexican that risks death in a refrigerated truck to cross the border to hopefully find a minimum wage job so that he/she can support a family and/or send money back home to help others get legitimate citizenship and enjoy the benefits of living in America. happy about having a job. happy about the opportunities that await. happy about the chance that they may never have wicked bad diarrhea ever again from drinking water out of the tap. happy about maybe running for office one day and being mayor of a town in which they began a new chapter of family legacy.

the funny thing is...these people are supposedly on the same team. in general, both of these people would typically prefer the platform of the democrat. know i dont speak spanish...


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