Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Thank YOU, Thank You For Smoking!

So, I had a good weekend.... Played dominoes, went Country dancing (yes, I still hate almost all country music.. Lyle Lovett is great though), good church service, quality Triathlon training.

Perhaps the best part of the weekendthough, was going to see the movie Thank You For Smoking on Friday night. Great flick. I wasn't aware of the rating going in, so there were some relatively crass parts- unneeded sex scenes, too much language, etc. However, the message and the humor are tremendous. I laughed out loud on several occasions, as there are some lines in the movie that are priceless.

Overall, it is a great script. Very well written and thought through. Nick Naylor will likely become some sort of icon to represent the ultra-slick lobbyist. His character is just tremendous. I especially like his revenge on William H. Macy's character during the congressional hearings. Just ridiculous. Also the way he manipulates Sam Elliott's character on a trip out to California.

It is an intelligent and interesting commentary/parody on the entire lobbying "industry". Here is the andTim... seal of approval.


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