Thursday, May 04, 2006

"473" and king tut's penis

the importance of the number 473? well, it is the number of views we have had of our profile. what is wrong with you people? are there really 473 of you whom would like to find out more about mikeandtim? if so, perhaps we should auction/raffle some kind of event with mikeandtim. or just mike. or just andtim. maybe more people have viewed the profile hoping for a peek at the triathlon trained andtim. or perhaps to see the untraithlon trained mike. or perhaps i am just typing so i do not have to review this contract with an air force base in hawaii. perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. reminds me of a good Cake song.

check out that picture at right. you can actually see king tut's mummified genitalia. this came across as a headline on google and the headline read "King Tut's Penis Rediscovered" and was a story from the Discovery Channel News Website. so of course i had to click on the story, and it had this picture! i really dont care how immature it is to giggle at this story and picture because i couldnt help it. its funny. the article actually mentions that speculation was that king tut had a small penis, but was then reconsidered by mummified penis specialists whom claimed it was of traditional/standard size and shape. well done. our research tax dollars at work.


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