Thursday, April 13, 2006

mike, you overhype lebron

do i?

yes yes, i know he just sprained his ankle. so what. i am going to make a bold prediction, of which you heard it here on mikeandtim first.

lebron will either...

1. average a triple double for a season
2. average 40+ points per game for a season
3. win 8 (or more) league MVP awards

rather bold predictions here. however, this guy is really good. if he stays healthy i really think he could put up some of the best numbers the NBA has ever seen. he can shoot the 3ball now too, which makes him super filthy. plus he can get to the basket as good as anyone, even Jordan. i really think he is good enough to average a triple double, that is my #1 outlandish claim. if anyone can do it, it will be lebron.


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