Thursday, April 20, 2006

blog potpourri, of sorts and whatnot

a few things to cover here...

1. Stephen A. Smith (espn sports journalist) has temporarily won me over. he had deion sanders on his show last night and they started talking about the Duke lacrosse situation, etc. Smith brought up how Jesse Jackson was involving himself and making it a racial issue and some such. well, then Smith took a sidebar and ripped Jesse Jackson for about 7 min straight tellin him to stop using stories like this for his own publicity. it was greatness. kudos to Mr. Smith.

2. my wife and i went and saw the Broadway version of Phantom of the Opera last thursday night. of course i saw them in dallas, but they are touring the country. i would have to say on a scale of 1 to 10 i would rate it "ok". story was a little weaker than i had hoped, the singing was pretty good, but we were sitting kinda far away and had this huge doofus with a terrible goose honker laugh sitting right behind us. being that it was the Phantom and all, my expectations were rather high, and they were not really met. glad we saw it though.

3. i have been dodging comment on this immigration nonsense for quite some time for various reasons. one, if i expressed my true feelings i might offend some readers. two, if i expressed my double true feelings, perhaps i would offend andTim. in short, the rallies are only hurting you immigrants! now you are on the map and the government realizes the severity of the issue. prepare yourselves to be sent back to your homeland sooner than originally anticipated if you just continued to use bogus social security numbers and were smuggled across in crates. put your mexican flags away and either be an American or do not. the rest of the world has laws, why is it not ok for the U.S. to have laws that restrict nationwide anarchy? we have a country going on here, and if you want to join the club, please go thru the proper channels.

4. i ate two salads, 3 breadsticks, and the entire Tour of Italy at olive garden tonight for dinner. the server took my plate and looked at me funny as i swiped the last dreg of marinara with a breadstick to clean the plate. what do ya think about that?

5. the sopranos is a good show. you should watch it. unless of course you are offended easily by foul language, racial slurs, nudity, sexual situations, or violence. then, i suggest you stick with the Golden Girls.

6. ya know what music is good? Led Zeppelin. i declare "Dyer Maker" the song of summer.

7. i took an allergy skin test on Tuesday at 3pm. verdict? i am allergic to rabbits. yes, i was tested for rabbits. bitch ass rabbits. figures, nemesis # 2 just wont leave me alone. by the way my trap is still setup and the count is 2. both have been released more than 5 miles from my house. cant take any chances with those bitches finding my yard again. more on the allergy test soon, there is plenty to write about on that topic. if you have ever had one you probably know what i am talking about.

so, how are ya? how have you been? i feel like i havent written in forever. hi there.


At 4/24/2006 06:25:00 AM, Anonymous Smelly Finger said...

I usually hate Stephan A as well, but I hate Jessie Jackson more.


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