Wednesday, May 03, 2006

sprinkler system, golf, hammer strength

i have been getting quotes to install a sprinkler system for my yard and the following have been provided:


after coming up with a list of questions, i contacted each contractor and attempted to find out what the huge differences in cost were all about. the conclusion was that all three of them use the same parts made by the same manufacturer, same warranty on parts, all insured, all restore yard to previous condition, etc etc. the only difference is that the high estimate has a 3 year warranty on workmanship while the other two only have one year. so, is it worth an extra $1,600 for two more years of warranty? i guess we will find out. i am going with the low bidder, whom after i checked with the Better Business Bureau has zero reported complaints/incidents, while the others have a minimum of 3. hmmm. i will keep you posted.

i bring this up because it (in theory) will remedy the tactics of deception and evil that Nemesis # 1 once presented. somehow i think i may actually get sprayed more often with the auto sprinkler than i did with the portable $10 sprayer that attached to the hose.

i have been playing some golf lately, mostly after work. i go with a good buddy of mine who is a previously posted "Featured Reader." For sake of concealing his identity, we will call him "Ben". Ben and I have been playing assorted par 3 and par 3/4 courses in the area and he is currently up 4 strokes on the overall total. filthy goblin.

i have also been working out at lunch at the local gym. this place i go to looks like somewhere Apollo Creed would have pumped iron in Rocky II. no one dares to use the showers due to suspectivity. these things have discoloration that should not exist in them. the place is cool though, makes me feel like i am getting a good workout in. of course i am limited to lifting weights though and no cardio since i am not able to shower there. i also get daps from the dudes that work there when i leave. yep, me and a few buddies from work are pretty much the only honkies that have ever set foot in this place.

have a good wednesday. and if you are a Spurs fan i suggest you root for them in spanish by saying "va spurs va" in place of the well known "go spurs go".


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