Monday, April 10, 2006

Hello Blog Friends

Faithful Mikeandtim readers-

I must apologize for not blogging in two weeks.

Two weeks.

Absolutely pisspoor, I agree.

Anyway, Mike has been more than adequately picking up my slack as usual. Traveling, training, etc. has really eaten into my blog schedule. I would just like to say hello to everyone, feel free to write to us and send a good joke our way, a good story, or anything that just serves to enhance the day.

It was Mike's 27th birthday yesterday, as he and I were born 13 days apart in that great year of 1979. It was probably the best year of the century, although I am a bit biased. (Actually, 1997 was pretty good too. Work with that you numerologists!) Feel free to drop Mikey a "Happy Belated Birthday" today, he has earned it by staying alive this long.

As for me, I may be moving soon. But that should not affect the growth and development of or the wepromiseitiscomingsoon Alright, back to selling heaters and transducers.



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