Friday, April 07, 2006

Balls for Bonds Coalition

the topic of sports is one of huge interest to me. ever since i can remember i was playing them, and it all began with baseball. i love the game, cherish the history, and really get into records and who has a shot at breaking them.

which is why i would like to propose the following idea: let's get every pitcher to intentionally walk Barry Bonds every time he is at the plate until his career is over.

i mean, why not? otherwise, he will break the biggest record in all of sports, the all-time career home run record. if he does, i won't be crushed, i just think it is better for the game. and i think mr. bonds has had some assistance/advantage in reaching this feat that neither Henry Aaron nor Babe Ruth would have had. certainly you could argue that all players have the advantage of better training, knowledge, technology, etc. however, these advantages have not interfered with most records, only the home run record. pitching has probably gotten worse, and hitting (other than for power) has probably gotten worse. regardless, it is obvious that performance enhancing drugs have changed the game. anyone guilty of using these should have some form of asterisk/annotation by their home run count. or at least a note saying those players played during the "steroids were not illegal in baseball" era.

the biggest reason this whole deal bothers me even goes beyond the records. it gives the impression to young players in jr high or high school that steroids are how you get to the pros. there were tons of guys i went to high school with who got on the juice at one point or another, and i would have to guess it had to do with how large these professional players have become, the relative ease one can access these drugs, and the pressure to get to the next level. that is a crime.

since 2001, the year Bonds hit 73 homers, and not counting last year (he was hurt and only appeared in 14 games) or this year, which just started...Bonds has drawn 755 walks. coincidence?


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