Wednesday, March 22, 2006

featured reader turns featured blogger

a sequence of events to tickle you and your humorsaurus. or whatever. i would correct spelling/gramatical errors, but if you know "Ben" then you know it is just part of the deal. enjoy...

From Formerly Fetured reader "Ben"
Last night dialgue between "Ben" and Roomate.

Roomate: Hey,You want anything from the store.

Ben: No

Roomate: Okay, see ya, (exits house)

1.5 minutes elapse.

Roomate: (reneters house) Hey, Where are you keys?

Ben: On the counter.

Roomate: No, your car keys, your alarm is going off.

Ben: Ohh, (slightly surprised) upstairs. I'll go get them.
(From upstairs) Why is my alarm going off?

Roomate: (From Downstairs) I bumped it.

Ben: (While walking down the stairs) Ohh.

[Now we are both outside.]

Roomate: (While hunched over the car) Looks like there is some body damage.

Ben: Oh.

Roomate: Sorry man. Want anything from the store?


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