Tuesday, March 28, 2006

east coast bias

is your bracket busted?

have you seen any of the teams that are now in the final four play before the tourney started? or had they even been talked about?

all i heard this year in college basketball was BIG EAST, BIG TEN, MISSOURI VALLEY CONFERENCE (still havent figured this one out) and how no one can compete with them and how the top teams will cruise through the bracket this year.

what a load of crap.

this just shows how east coast biased ESPN (and the rest of the media) really is. i recall Jay Bilas (among others) bitching about how Hofstra or Cincinnati should have gotten in before George Mason. please remove foot from mouth long enough to say you are sorry. i certainly didnt predict the final four as it came out, but partially because i knew nothing about any of these teams. so much was made of UConn, Duke, Ohio State, Georgetown, Iowa, etc etc that we had no time to think about UCLA, let alone the other three.

i have officially determined that i am just as qualified to talk college basketball as some analysts out there. this is somewhat similar to how i feel about weathermen. they basically are no more qualified to do their job than you or i.


At 3/29/2006 08:05:00 PM, Anonymous Smelly Finger said...

jay bilis bitches, and he is a bitch. what do you expect from espn? they are based on the east coast, that is all they know.


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