Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Great Scott- A Tribute

Many of you readers out there may be into name studies. I have learned from some experiences that there are names I want to stay away from, but the Scotts I have known have been an interesting bunch. Here are some of my favorites (most of these guys are on their own planet):

Scott Moore
-Grew up in Texas, went to the University of Texas (Now roots for OU football!?)
-Around 28 years old, he and his wife moved to Japan after a job transfer.
-Raised his family in Japan for 15 years, started an immensely successful company, and spent the better part of his last 3 years in Japan playing Tennis, Badminton, Mallet Golf, and Snowboarding. Started his own English school, worked part-time as a wedding minister, started his own Recreational Camp, and now lives in Colorado Springs with his family.

Scottness: 9 stars (out of a possible 10)

Scott Perkins
-Origins unknown
-Graduated from Texas A&M, has a dentistry practice and invents dentistry stuff
-The "Crazy Dentist". Simultaneously brilliant and crazy. Likes to inject near-boiling bleach into teeth for root canals. Makes a lot of money. Don't get him started on dental schools and how they stymie creative innovations in dentistry.

Scottness: 8 stars

Scot Pollok
-Origins believed to be Texas
-Graduated from Texas A&M
-The most Spiritual of the Scotts- which is saying something. Percussionist (Scott factor: 10), former youth minister, current seminary student. Married an Australian ballet dancer and has two kids. Great speaker, incredibly passionate. Spells his name with one "t". (?)

Scottness: 8 stars

Scott Sharp
-From Abilene, Texas (?)
-Graduated from Texas A&M
-The most Intense of the Scotts- which is really saying something. Crazed athlete, LOVES Ultimate Fighting, LOVES researching cases of stigmata. Currently in medical school and believed to be married.

Scottness: 7 stars

Scott Schwandt
-From Texas
-Graduated from the University of Texas
-The most Normal of the Scotts- which is really really really saying something. Has two kids, an MBA and an Engineering degree- very successful in business. Lost his hearing in one ear after having a brain tumor removed. (Cyst, tumor... can't remember) Phenomenal swimmer. Has participated in a minimum of 8 Nutcracker Ballets in the party scene. (Unfortunately, my own father has now been in 13 straight.)

Scottness: 6 stars

and finally....

Scott Kleist
-From The Woodlands, Texas
-Graduated from Houston Baptist University
-Probably the most successful car salesman in Toyota history. Constant conflict between knowing what is ethically correct in business, and actually abiding by it. Does not have direct access to the money he makes. Youth Minister, Car Salesman, Professional XBox player, local Soccer legend. (If legend is based on a 1:1 goals to red-cards-received ratio) Married- God bless and help you Cindy.

Scottness: NA


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