Thursday, February 16, 2006

ten breakouts of 2006

the following are ten bands that are worth knowing before your friends do. this way you can scoreboard them with these names and your buddies can think you are sweet for knowing about them first...

i would be doing you a disservice if i didnt at least mention "The Knife" as worthy of listen as well. please email if you would like a sample tune from any of the listed bands. on with the originally posted 10...

1. The Subways (UK) - i like their tunes better than the comparable Arctic Monkeys (didnt make the list) and although they sound a little like the Vines, they are better and gooder.

2. Jeniferever (Sweden) - heard about this band from a fellow Ticket listener (thanks Chris) and they are similar to Sigur Ros, but i like them better. for some reason i havent gotten real into Sigur Ros, as i usually fall asleep before i get too far.

3. Hood (UK) - good tunes, sort of electronica, sort of not. been producing music since 1990, which is surprising once you listen to what they have been putting out. mood music, worth a listen.

4. Rocky Votolato (Texan living in Seattle, WA) - great singer songwriter. chilled out tunes.

5. Matt Pond PA (from Pennsylvania of course) - more chill music, as most of these bands are, but pretty creative. gets to be a little bit of a drag but the band name is unique so people will want to listen to it

6. The Selmanaires (Atlanta, GA) - pretty rockin, sound kinda like the Kinks from back in the day

7. Voxtrot (Austin, TX) - these guys are good. good sound rock band. similar sound to the Strokes

8. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (San Francisco, CA) - rock. some songs sound like bob dylan

9. Midlake (Denton, TX) - formed at UNT, similar to the Matt Pond PA as mentioned above

10. Paul Duncan (Texan who now lives in Brooklyn, NY) - for those of you who like Iron & Wine

we welcome reader contributions of up and coming artists. please let us know who you like or if you would like to submit your music.


At 2/21/2006 02:38:00 PM, Blogger camstine_justinille said...

hey, your motorcycle people are coming to the meridian soon. you should check it out.



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