Monday, February 13, 2006

road trippin

anyone who drives the Corsicana Beatdown Highway from Houston to Dallas has probably seen the drive-in movie theater on the west side of Interstate 45*. many of us try to see what is currently playing as we drive by, although i recognize that this is a distraction to driving. still, it is so tough not to look. i glanced over last night and i happened to catch a glance of a woman's face, which took up the majority of the screen. it appeared that this woman was probably laying down and a split second later that was confirmed by a new camera angle, showing a love scene, which i found a little odd. the screen i am talking about is the only one that is easily visible from the highway, in fact it directly faces the highway. there was no visible nudity or anything wild, but is this not a stupid lawsuit waiting to happen? i can see it now, mom and dad driving with kids in the backseat look over to see 50' x 100' projected love scene and sue the drive in theater for negligence/damages caused by lovemaking that their children were forced to view from the backseat of their minivan. i bet you it happens, who wants to take me up on it?

just as noticeable, and right after you pass the drive in theater if travelling north, you see the "Christian Fraternity" of Ferris, TX on the left side of the road. from a distance it looks like a bunch of popsicle stick built gazebos and whatnot built in to the side of a hill. i neither embrace nor distance myself from that thing because i really have no idea what it is or its purpose. if anybody out there ever stops by to check it out, or already has, please let us know.

* mikeandtim have no idea why Interstate 45 is called such. It is not Interstate. It is only a highway within the state of Texas. what gives?


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