Friday, February 03, 2006

i would like to kick Exxon in the privates, etc.

and i would start with Lee Raymond. here we the people are, paying more for gasolina than we ever have in the history of ever, and XOM posts the world record profit number for a corporation. what a brutal shryuuken/hadooooken combo to the face (dont act too cool for that reference, you know what i am talkin about.) i figured someone was gettin some stretchedy pockets from the extra dollars i was putting into the pump, i just didnt figure it would post publicly as a world record. how about a little reduction in the gas price so you only post 9 billion profits for Q4 instead of the nearly 10? a little ball help here? oh, and they arent the only ones, Royal Dutch Shell posted a U.K. profit record in 2005 as well.

thank goodness someone is finally suing Apple for "hearing loss due to ipod". i mean, they should be taken to court and have to pay huge fines to people that they forced their ipod's into the ears of America and turned up the volume to defeaning levels. shame on you Apple. people should have a right to listen to portable music without having to worry about permanent hearing loss and emotional damage. i bet Apple has a vested interest in a few hearing aid companies and are looking for ways to boost hearing aid sales. yeah.

in truth, i hope if this case reaches the courtroom, after hearing the opening arguments, the judge calmly walks over to the prosecutor's table, opens prosecutor's briefcase, births a brown squirrel in aforementioned briefcase, closes it, then goes back to the bench and pounds the gavel. case dismissed.


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