Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Meme times threeve

i was tagged by the mark and will complete the meme form. i have no idea what a meme is. and i have no idea what andTim did, but the fonts all over the mikeandtim seem to be on the juice. maybe it is just me but it looks like they have doubled in size.


Four Jobs I’ve Had in my Life:
YMCA basketball referee
Macaroni Grill Busboy
Contract Manager for Construction Company (current)

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over, and Have:
Point Break
Weekend at Bernie's
National Lampoon's Vacation (Wally World)

Four Places I Have Lived:
Dallas, TX
Lansing, MI
The Woodlands, TX
Philadelphia, PA
Baltimore, MD

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch:
The Office
Mad Money (Jim Cramer)
Antique Road Show

Four Places I Have Been on Vacation:
Grand Canyon, AZ
Bohemian Grove, CA
Munich, Germany
Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Four Websites I Visit Daily:
yahoo finance

Four Favorite Foods:
texas de brazil/fogo de chao
pei wei
glazed donut w/ black coffee
hot dogs at the ballpark
fryin up some fish you caught yourself

(i like food too much to only put four)

Four People I’m Tagging with This Meme:
Dr. Swiss of Limberger

Jim Boggia (met this guy at the duncan sheik concert, he was the opener)
any P1 that reads this, including Ticket employees (email if you dont want to post by comment

And if you DON’T have a website or blog or whatever… post your 4 Meme’s in the comments.


At 2/13/2006 10:26:00 AM, Blogger Max Planck said...

can you tag your wife with this? i want to know her answers.


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