Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Gender Speculation Symposium - Odie

i think there is some speculation here. many of you will jump to the conclusion that Odie is a male dog. but is he though? in most commentaries, Odie is referred to as a "he". i would like to propose otherwise, with the following evidence:

a. Odie never eats very much, if at all. (i propose south beach diet and/or eating disorder, more common for females than males)
b. Odie never poops. (obviously must be female)
c. Odie never farts. (same as item b)
d. Although Odie salivates like none other, Odie maintains unbelievable cleanliness.
e. See that black spot on Odie's torso? thats a boob.

henceforth it is clear that Odie is in fact a female dog. case closed.


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