Wednesday, February 01, 2006

the strokes / state of the union (actual)

short one today folks, this week has been wicked busy at work, and at home really. since sunday night i have read a book called "success God's way" by the dr. charles stanley, reviewed a movie screenplay for a buddy, and have eaten an entire package of oreos.

the new strokes album is great. if you like rock n roll, i suggest you pick you up a copy from your local record store. it has rockin jams, it has good tunage, and it has rockin jams. in other music news, i tossed my rolling stone in the trash upon receipt this week. it has a picture of kanye west with a crown of thorns on his head and it says something about "the passion of kanye". it could have a great article about how kanye is devoted to his faith in God over all else and is a great dude, but i was so repulsified by him wearing a crown of thorns on the cover it went straight to the garbage. i get uncomfortable when people other than Jesus are shown with such things.

i thought the state of the union was decent last night, but was severly distracted by the childish games that the democrats were playing in their seats. it is one thing to agree/disagree with viewpoints and platforms. it is another thing to show immature disrespect. i am pretty sure after they were dismissed from the chamber last night, they went and played truth or dare and snacked on fruit roll ups. "Lieberman's hosting a game of Spin the Bottle in his office! Last one there is a Mr. Fillyfunkels!!"


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