Monday, February 20, 2006


i am not sure exactly what it is, but i love watching curling. it is my favorite winter olympic sport to watch. well, the snowboardcross was better, but curling is second best. maybe it is because our team is pretty good and has a chance to win, or maybe it is because i think it is the only olympic sport i may actually have a chance to compete in, but either way i love it.

i watched a lot of sports on tv this past weekend. watched some college basketball, watched the nba all star game, etc. the weather was bad enough that it didnt make a whole lot of sense to go out. my friend james and i did finish a workbench that i put in my garage. maybe i will take a picture of it so you can see what it looks like. pretty cool, james did most of the work. gotta have a sweet tool bench in the garage. the garage really is the main room of the house that the dude gets to mess with and have any way he wants it. well, almost any way. i do plan on installing a dart board in there soon. maybe build some shelves. ya know. i call piddling around in the garage "big bobbin" because my wife's grandfather named Big Bob always just chills in the garage all day and does stuff. he takes things apart and puts them back together.

wow, there goes the flying dutch squirrel walking by my workspace with much haste. i think i have mentioned him in past blogs? well, if not, he is this dude that walks faster than any other human does in the office. its like a power walk, and he is in such a hurry all the time (not sure why) that usually when he walks by with such haste he makes the papers flutter in my inbox. yeah, thats how fast he is.


At 2/21/2006 02:33:00 PM, Blogger camstine_justinille said...

seriously. what is it? i really don't know. it looks like shuffleboard on ice. but what do i know.



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