Thursday, September 29, 2005


10 people who rank amongst those who are just a beating
(in no particular order)

rush limbaugh
katie curic
ll cool j
james "gollum" carville
siegfried and/or roy
the little fat kid with glasses in jerry mcguire
brent musburger
the two girls that do weekend update on SNL
kevin costner


At 10/16/2005 01:04:00 PM, Blogger scott said...

after reviewing the list of "beatings" i must be honest when i tell you that although the list is accurate in content its lacking in an explanation as to why? allow me to enlighten those in concern. ill start the "beating" with kevin costner, but first let me commend you on a wonderfull selection. kevin costner is indeed a "beating" and is someone that ranks up there with punky brewster (someone who was mysteriously left off the list) as one of the all time worst people. I mean really what is this guy thinking. his best movie in the eyes to several is dances with wolves where he plays a hopeless gay war dude looking to catch an easy score with an ignorant wanna be indian chick. i mean really who wrote this movie. and when casting for the movie what were the thought processes to think gee what a great pick kevin costner would be. i mean really how does that become the popular consensus of any group of rational intelligent people of any nationality (minus french who as well all know are ignorant and incapable to the whole decision making process, i.e. 2001) another thing, if kevin was the winner, who were those who were looked over for the role as helpless gay war dude. how does a mananger of someone let their client know that kevin "goldie locks" costner beat them out. i mean thats an "instafireing." sorry "sam" it was close but they chose to go with kevin on this one. wow! what a "beating" in its own right. I mean this could a catagory of its own. I list of "beatings" that is of people who were beat out for a role by kevin "tin cup" costner. Sorry client "x" but kevin "waterworld" costner got the role. Hey client "x" i hate to tell you this but kevin "robin hood, prince of thieves" costner beat you again.
hey there client "x" man this was a close one but i think that kevin "i look like an out of shape patrick swayze" costner beat you for the role but there is some good news, you can be his stunt devil if you want. and i will end the beating with that simply because kevin "someone shoot him now" costner is defensless in this arguement thus making this beating more or a maiming then anything else. rack me im out

- gary colemen


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