Wednesday, May 18, 2005

playlist for the day

i really think eric clapton's "from the cradle" album is terrific. if you havent taken a listen, i encourage. here is a playlist i listen to at work every so often to remind me that work isnt our identity, it is a part of our lives that we certainly spend a lot of time doing, but it should not merge into a microcosm in which we cannot escape...

we have the facts and we're voting yes - death cab for cutie
third degree - eric clapton
inaudible melodies - jack johnson
the fly - u2
lover, you shouldve come over - jeff buckley
jimi thing - dmb
i'll catch you - rocky votolato
cabron - red hot chili peppers
hysteria - muse
paranoid android - radiohead
all mixed up - red house painters
love and peace or else - u2
hotel arizona - wilco
nothing better - postal service

if torn between enjoy and disenjoy, i'll take enjoy.



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