Monday, November 20, 2006

The Hip-Hopalypse

In case anyone doesn't know- I hate the term "hip-hop". Very few "artists" even come near the label, the best example of the genre being Lauryn Hill's "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill". But it works well as a terrible pun on "apocalypse". Anyway...

Both Diddy and Jay-Z have managed to use the SAME SAMPLE in songs on their most recent albums. (LINK HERE) This may seem cute to some...

"Ahhhh... Diddy and Jay-Z used the same sample... ahhhhh" - read again using cute baby voice

This may be the ultimate example of why modern rap sucks. (I refuse to use "hip-hop" anymore) At least at one point rappers were talking about their Hoods (neighborhoods), their dreams, the girls they wanted to be with, etc. When you look at alot of these artists- Boogie Down Productions, The Sugarhill Gang, Run DMC, etc- they used ORIGINAL music.

This is astounding by modern rap album standards. Out of the billions of recorded sounds and out of the literally infinite possibilities that exist in music, two HUGE "artists" end up using the same sample? This is absolutely awful.

Take some of your money and invest it in music lessons. Maybe even take some kids off the streets making their own beats and use them. Sell your music as art don't sell it as a part of your personal product line. This makes me so mad I want to buy both albums and defecate on them. I may do that. These kinds of coincidences show how ridiculous two (2) things are:

1- The Terrible State of Rap Music in Modern America

2- The Terrible State of Consumers of Rap Music (who will buy anything that is put out by a platinum "artist")

My note to America: Demand more than this crap from lazy multi-millionaires.


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