Friday, September 16, 2005

Football Rant & Solo Going Out


I have heard analysis of the Texans/Bills football game all week. Bottom line, Texans played poorly, Bills played good, Bills won. Is there really a need to analyze one game for a whole week? I hate that about sports radio. Everyone has their opinion and speculation about how the Texans lost the game. I have played many sports, and winning or losing boils down to a few things:

1) Ability- some people are faster, bigger, or stronger than others. This is obvious.
2) Coaching/Adjustment- if you're getting burned the same way over and over, adjust. If you're getting pummeled, motivate your players to play better. If you're winning, motivate you're
players to stay focused.
3) Preparation- no matter how much physically ability or intelligence you have, if you aren't
prepared mentally and physically to play, the results will not be good. The flipside to this is...
4) Luck- play calling, audibles, bad spots of turf, injuries, etc. Some of the things have a science
to them, but in many ways it's a GUESSING game. No one knows for sure what is going to
happen. Sometimes you are prepared out the wazoo, but the other team somehow keeps
beating you.

In Conclusion- the Texans offensive line is their biggest problem. That's it. The defense gave up 22 points- but they were on the field for 95% of the game. 5 field goals and one touchdown. If the offense gives these guys any rest-THROUGH THEIR SUCCESS ON THE FIELD- the defense allows maybe 13 points. So the defense is not a problem. David Carr is good- give him time. Andre Johnson is good, let David Carr throw to him. Domanick Davis is adequate. Corey Bradford can catch, just give David the time to get him the ball. This paragraph is ALL that needs to be stated about the Texans- not an entire WEEK of sports radio.

In other news...

I went out by myself last night and had fun. It's an interesting thing to do. I recommend trying it to all of our single blogreaders out there in realworldland.


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