Friday, September 16, 2005

confusion amidst, coupled with lovely tunes

on my way from dunkin donuts to work this morning, i saw a very strange sign. it had three statements that rotated, creating a message that i cannot figure out. here it is...

"Bait cars deployed"
"all over the city"
"steal one, go to jail!"

huh? so...the new goal of the police is to leave assorted stealable cars just taunting people to theive them, just to see if people will steal them, so the cops can then hunt you down like a dog and throw you in jail. if i understand this correctly, the police are now creating crime. good work dallas law enforcement, keep on keepin on.

and in other news, i have been on somewhat of a strange online music purchasing kick in which i purchase rather gay songs because they are funny to jam out to in the office. the most recent..."All Out of Love" by Air Supply. love it. such a lame song, yet so great to turn up to uncomfortable volumes in my cubicle while slowly spinning in chair, holding #1 finger in the air and a lighter in the other hand. it is magical, you should try it. also of note, i purchased this song while listening to "Spin the Black Circle" by Pearl Jam. my music taste has no consistency.


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