Thursday, September 15, 2005

sore losers/winners?

the activity in this picture drives me crazy. what is it about baseball? why does the winning team only shake hands/hi-five with itself, while the losing team scampers off with haste into its own dugout with their tail between their legs? i love baseball. love it. but why (after the high school level i think) does this sour phenomenon present itself after every game? all other professional sports congratulate and/or shake hands with the other team after the game...why cant baseball?

maybe it has to do with what i call "baseball rage". baseball players rage without warrant more than any other sport. really it should be called a tantrum. a call doesnt go their way so they fly off the handle and punch water coolers, dugout walls, or throw their helmets. of course there are plenty of players who do not rage like this, but it seems like it happens way too much in a non-contact sport like baseball. perhaps this rage prohibits basball players from shaking hands after the game? as if there is so much risk that one might flip out and start a hair pulling riot that they just cant chance it. shake hands with the other team and like it.


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