Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hearts and Beers

So.. I have had heart palpitations/arrythmia for sometime and decided to have it checked out yesterday, as I have had more frequent occurrences over the last few months. They decided to fit me out with a heart monitor for 24 hours, which looks like a giant Ipod on my belt. However, I still managed to do a backflip at Young Life club with the heart monitor last night.... can't wait till they see what my heart did circa 8:45 pm yesterday.

Saturday was my brother's 21st birthday which was good times. He did his fair amount of drinking, while keeping his composure. It's kind of odd that he is a legal adult now, but it's more odd that I am going to be 27 than it is that he is 21. Just one of those things. Back to work.


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